About Us

Welcome to Ar- Raha Hospital

Ar-Raha Hospital & Diagnostics Ltd. is a leading private hospital at Dhakhinkhan, Dhaka, Bangladesh. We started our journey in 2016. Almost all the services are available day and night. Professors & doctors are consulting with patients for 24 hours with all facilities of diagnostic and emergency services. We do care of patients at diabetic center, eye center, physiotherapy and dental care at very affordable cost. Ar-Raha Hospital offers all type of medical & healthcare services with up-to-date facilities which are completely managed by well-reputed medical specialists, expert nurses and technologist. Our main focus is to deliver modern Healthcare Services of Universal Standard through continuous innovation and development of quality services.


What are the differences?

Ar-Raha Hospital has separate facilities for male and female patient care, we try to follow the strict rule of PORDA to maintain Islamic environment. We have separate department with diagnostic services, Operation Theatre, Eye Center, Physiotherapy, Dental Care and Indoor services for male and female patients.


Why choose Ar-Raha Hospital?

In Ar-Raha Hospital, we do believe in best care which comes as an extra facility not only from our Consultants but also from all staffs around. Together we try to create confidence inside our patients minds and make them feel special, respected and cared.


Our Mission:

Ar-Raha Hospital aims to provide unique medical services within Islamic values, ensuring separate treatment facilities for Male & Female in an affordable price.

To provide high quality specialized medical care and promote collaboration with local government and healthcare/educational institutions as a core medical institution

To practice collaborative multidisciplinary health care involving a range of health professionals.


Our Vision:

Ar-Raha is in the medical arena to fulfil the demands of the health care service takers from all types of socio-economic stages.