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Developmental delays

v  Cerebral Palsy

v  Autism spectrum disorders

v  Speech and language delays

v  Visual and hearing impairments

v  Intellectual developmental disorder

v  Epilepsy

v  Hyperactive Child

v  Psychosocial issues

v  School refusal, temper tantrum, conduct disorder, OCD

v  Undiagnosed and rare conditions, syndromic, congenital malformation

We provide psychosocial services to families and empower parents and primary care-providers to optimize their child’s development

Available services in CDC

v  Developmental therapy - Poor neck control, sitting and standing problem, stiff limbs

v  Sitting and feeding - Problem in feeding

v  Speech therapy - Speech problem

v  Vision Impairment - Early detection and stimulation therapy

v  Hyperactive Child - Assessment and management

v  Intellectual Disability - Assessment and management

v  Autism Spectrum Disorder – Assessment, management, counseling

v  Anxiety disorder - Anxious, stressed child

v  Depressive illness

v  School refusal

v  Temper tantrum - restless, stubborn child

v  Well baby clinic - check up for children to ensure healthy growth and development

v  Rapid Neurodevelopmental Assessment (RNDA) - from new born to children

v  Somatization disorder

v  Epilepsy clinic

v  Counseling - Individual child, family and group counseling